Securely Access Office Data From Anywhere Using Any Device

Access, share and protect your files, calendars, contacts, communication & more at home and in your enterprise. Nextcloud is the next generation Owncloud.

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For Legacy Backup

Offsite Backup Plan

Offsite Backup Plan

Hosted online, this service takes care of the server maintenance for you.

Good for clinics, accounting and sales offices that require backing up legacy software data.

Best to keep a copy offsite, there’s no telling what might happen.

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Convert Existing Server

Convert Plan

Convert Plan

Convert an existing machine into a Nextcloud Server.

Comes with Linux Ubuntu 16.04 Long Term Support

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Pedestal / 1U Rack Server

New Server Plan

New Server Plan

Get new 1U or Pedestal Server installed on your office premises. You are in charge of your server and data security. Best Comes with:

Linux Ubuntu 16.04 Long Term Support.

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Nextcloud Support Packages

Nextcloud & Linux

Nextcloud Care Plan

Nextcloud Support

 Linux Server Care Plan

Linux Support